Shift Interlock on GMC


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Shift Interlock on GMC

On a 1996 GMC full size pickup, you have to have your foot on the brake pedal to shift the auto trans out of Park.

1. Is this an electric interlock?
2. What is actually locking the shift cable or lever?
3. Where is it located and what does it look like?
4. Can it be temp. disconnected?

This truck was supposed to have the brake lights switch replaced and now will not shift out of park with the ignition switch on.
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Safety feature. Prevents you from shifting into gear without something stopping you. The brake would slow down any movement if the throttle jammed or you were rolling.

Usually a bad brake light switch causes this grief. On my cousin's Taurus, that's all it was. And it was the same shift out of park unless the engine was off and you started it in neutral.

Fix minute fix on that Ford.

I suspect the brake light switch here too.

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