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73 Triumph, Ford V6 70's era,Delco alternator, Lucas external regulator

Car would'nt start, battery completely dead from overnight, swapped battery and drove 1/8 mi to my garage to ck out and battery boiling over.

voltmeter says ~13-14 volts at low rpm, 16-17 plus at high rpm, I messed with the adustable regulator but nothing happend (its as old as the car I would guess)

Hereis my question: I drove the car 1 mi, battery didn't boil over but volts 17+ unless lights and fan on. The alternator was very hot to touch , belt not tight , no noise and turns freely. Is it just the regulator, or is the hot alternator a sign of something else?
Will I be better off with a single wire alternator as you suggested in other notes, so I don't have to mess with matching Lucas conector to a new regulator? thanks
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If originality isn't a concern, then yes, pitch that blasted Lucas regulator and cobbled together thing you've got there.

Lucas, electrical and reliable don't go in the same sentence. lol
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alternator lucas regulator

Thanks , I will replace both with new alt with built in regulator, but i'm still wondering if the alternator getting hot and battery going dead can all be traced to faulty regulator.

Also i've always heard the mantra about Lucas electric but wonder , considering this regulator gave out after 30 years, and the original Lucas coil is still functioning. May be more of a FORD= fix or repair daily, GTO= get tools out myth kind of thing.
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Lucas=Lords of Darkness

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Lol. I agree with Larry.

Lucas=Get home before dark.Lol
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delco alternator in triumph

OK, Triumph with Ford v6 and motorcraft alt bracket which had Delcoton alternator shimmed and not much room for belt adjustment. So when I went to get a new alternator I chose motorcraft which fits nicely, however.........I connect battery to bat, Field(fld) from wire on Delco connector #2(F), but I dont know where to attach wire from Delco connector#1(R) which was jumper to the Bat connection. Finally do I have to connect anything to the Motorcraft connector (STA).
I know it would be much easier to just get another Delco unit but the fit was'nt very good.


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