front brakes/Plymouth Voyager


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front brakes/Plymouth Voyager

I want to replace pads on front brakes of 91 plymouth Voyager,
and I have searched everywhere for a do it yourself manual,
online and have found nothing. Can someone here, please
provide me a how to do step by step instruction of how to replace
pads on this vehicle? Thank you for your help, frustrated do it
yourselfer, Jeff Scott
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It's an easy job. You'll need a good jack & a pair of jackstands, along with normal hand tools.

Here are 2 links that explain/demonstrate the procedure:
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Front Brakes/Plymouth Voyager

Thank you for your help, one last thing I encountered, bleeding
brake line so I can push piston in and reinstall caliper. Which is
it? Next to brake line leading into caliper, or under hood?
Sorry for my ignorance, but I just am not sure. Your help has
been immeasurable. Here Brake jobs run $300 and up.
Sincerely, Jeff Scott
ps. I have ABS system
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Hey Jeff,

Not to sure about ABS brakes, but when I change my pads, I only unscrew the cap to the brake fluid in the engine compartment, use a turkey baster to suction a little brake fluid out (So it won't over flow when pushing in the piston), and then use a C-Clamp to press in the piston. This will help keep the lines free of air, and make bleeding unneccasary.

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Crack the bleeder screw open & compress the piston with a c-clamp. This will cause the dirty brake fluid in the caliper to be expelled through the bleeder rather than pushed through the ABS control valves. Close the bleeder screw as soon as the piston reaches the bottom of its bore.

When the job is complete, open the pass. side bleeder screw for a few minutes. Monitor the fluid level in the brake master cylinder reservoir & add fluid as needed. Leave the bleeder screw open until a steady stream of fluid comes out. This should only take a minute or 2, possibly less. Close the bleeder screw.

Repeat the procedure for the driver's side.

Double check the brake master cylinder fluid level. Add fluid as needed.

Mount the wheels. Pump the brake pedal 5-10 times to seat the caliper pistons against the brake pads.
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