1990 Crysler LeBaron needs help!


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Theresa Darlene
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1990 Crysler LeBaron needs help!

How can you tell if a timing belt is broke. On this car it is enclosed. We are working at getting at it but I was wondering if there was another way to be sure this is indeed the problem with the car. If it helps to know, the rotor is not turning.
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What engine do you have? How many miles on this engine? What symptoms when the engine quit? Why do you suspect the timing belt?
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Theresa Darlene
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Kind of long explanation but here goes. This car belongs to a friend of our daughters. He was in a wreck about a month ago. He had to replace the radiator and so forth, but it has still been heating up. We kept telling him to put radiator fluid in it, but he doesn't listen. It still has some sort of leak somewhere. I not sure if that caused the car to stop completely, or helped it along. We are not getting any spark anywhere. We don't smell any gas, as much as we have tried to start it. It has gas, we are sure and the gas pump is working, (you can here it).
He was driving it and it just stopped on him. The engine rotates but will not start. It has a 3.0L engine. We were told by several mechanics that the rotor should move, even if the engine isn't starting. The starter has been replaced recently, about 4 months ago. I am not mechanically inclined, but I can understand a little.
hope you can help!
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Theresa Darlene
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Sorry, I have no idea how many miles on the engine. He bought it at one of those buy here pay here places, so no telling.....
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Yep, If the rotor doesn't turn, suspect a broken timing belt. Time for a service manual, or you can check out http://www.cybrrpartspro.com/Manual%...delLookup.html
to find the R&R procedures.
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Theresa Darlene
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Yep, that was the problem. Appreciate the help. His car is still over heating though. We think he's loosing fluid out of a part that has an O ring and he's going to replace it tomorrow and see if that is all it was. We also went and made sure he had antifreeze to put in also. He was just putting water in because it was loosing so much fluid that he didn't want to keep wasting the money on antifreeze Still think he may have more problems with over heating. My husband suspects the water pump. Any good way to check that?
We should have checked when we had the car apart for the timing belt problem, because we read somewhere you have to take the same stuff back off to get to the water pump. Oh, well, I guess you live and learn.
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The pump will either have a trail of dried coolant/rust/sediment at the weep hole (in the body of the casting) or it will be noisy or there will be play in the shaft.

If that were my car EVERYTHING around the timing belt that is removed would be replaced. Such things as the pump, belts, hoses, etc, to me are all expendable. Knowing that you don't know the mileage of it, who knows how old half the parts are. I assume the previous owner didn't have a clue and get the car up to my level of knowing what I've done to it and what has not been done.

Some folks scoff at spending 200 bucks in what they deem as "extras" when doing a job like this. As you see, doing the job twice costs you DOUBLE .

I did a water pump on my Oldsmobile last summer. All of the parts came out to about 200 bucks. But I know there's a new fuel pump, hoses, belts, pump and thermostat and don't have to gamble with old questionable parts and sweat in the 90 degree heat doing it again when it's a five minute job when you have it all apart .
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Oh man! You have to do the timing belt all over again on the 3.0 when you do the water pump. That pump has an "o"ring that fits the pump and the cross tube together. I would reccomend changing the tube too, if it looks rusty. That is probably why your belt wiped out in the first place....coolant leaking on it.
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