Plymouth Voyager Instrument problem?


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Jay L. Stern
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Plymouth Voyager Instrument problem?

We have three Caravan/Voyagers. Our '92, 3.6 L engine cranked but wouldn't start. I checked the computer code and got 55 (end). After sitting overnight, it fired just fine. It does hesitate slightly, and repeatedly on going up a grade. This, I think, is transmission related, not part of the current problem. (By the way, there is a modifier kit for the tranny that we had installed a few months ago. MAJOR improvement for under $200. The repairman trotted out the kit as an option after I balked at spending $1200 for a rebuild.) Anyhow, after driving for a while, the "check gauges" light illuminated. I observed that the fuel gauge had swung to full on start-up, and the temperature read cold. This in the middle of a heat wave in San Fernando Valley traffic? No way. On stopping, the coolant boiled into the overflow tank. This was due to a failed connection on the radiator fan but the next day, after fixing the connectin, the gauges still read full and cold. (Actually, the temperature needle moved just a bit, but that occurred on ignition, not while driving.) The odometer works just fine.

The thermostat on this Voyager has recently been replaced, and the radiator remains full off coolant. I'm reasonably confident this is not due to a mechanical problem or overheating. I wonder if a component in the body computer or maybe a relay has failed. Any ideas?
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You can send the computer out for testing through any parts stor to determine fault before you spend the money on replacing it. Check all your wiring and grounds thoroughly.

Chrysler 4 speed overdrive units of this vintage are very troublesome and lackluster and not worth 50 cents on a good day. Lots of failures in those units OFF the shelf of the rebuilder.
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