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Angry Lifting transmission

I have an 82 Subaru GL with a 1.8L engine and standard transmission. I just took off the transmission and replaced the clutch, but when I tried to lift the transmission back onto the engine, it doesn't go on. I think the transmission input shaft is somehow binding against something. I tried turning the input shaft to line up with the clutch disk but it hasn't helped. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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If you didn't use the proper alignment tool for the clutch disk, that's probably your problem. The alignment tool is essentially just like a stubby tranny input shaft and is used to ensure the clutch pressure plate is properly aligned for the transmission to slide right in.
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I would have to agree with the_tow_guy, sounds like the clutch disk is not properly aligned. Use an alignment tool (most all parts stores carry them, specific for your vehicle). Loosen the pressure plate bolts until the clutch disc is free to move. Insert the alignment tool and retorque the pressure plate bolts. The tranny should slip right tight with the motor without too much hasle. By the way, did you change the pilot bushing and throwout bearing and pressure plate with new as well as the clutch disc? Did you have the flywheel checked to see if it needs resurfacing? If not, now is the time.
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I agree with the other 2 posts but would like to add make sure you are supporting the engine it most likely dropped when you pulled the trans.Also this is a bit late but you can pull the engine to change the clutch on older Subarus,much faster about 1 1/2 to 2 hours start to finish,with air tools.
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I agree with all here. Most better clutch kits INCLUDE the tool in the box.

Use a good quality kit or you'll be doing this one twice. Not worth it on an old heap like an 82 Subaru .
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Thanks guys. Yeah it worked. I thought I had aligned it already but I guess I did it wrong. I just took it off and aligned it properly the tool that came with the kit, and it just slid right on. Thanks all, I appreciate it!

By the way I'm only driving that old heap because a) I'm paying my way through college, and b) I got it for free anyways. Thanks again.

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