Saturn SL1 1992 ?


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Saturn SL1 1992 ?

I want to purchase a Saturn SL! 1992 from a local Saturn dealership. The car has been checked by Saturn and is on the lot. Saturn reports the car sellable. Carfax reports the car has had 2 reported accidents, but the title is clear. The nature of the accidents is not stated. 1rst accident in 93; 2ncd accident 97. Saturn dealership states that the cars frame is fine, under hood is all fine. My question --- is the car a good buy with their assurance of putting out on the lot for resale? If the car frame or something else has trouble in function, would Saturn of sold it at auction for a little used car lot to sell? Saturn states that if a car can not be brought up to their standards, they do not sell it.

The car's specs - 133,000mi. 5spd. Sedan 4door Engine=1.9L L4 TBI ; Front Wheel Drive Carburation= Fuel Injected. There are no leaks on this car - original paint - no dents anywhere to be seen on the body - clutch felt good (I have owned 3 standard autos) --- 1 car owner - What type of repairs are common on this car? If you have any other valuable information, please offer it. I have tried to research the accidents history, but no luck this far. Thank you for your help and time.
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I work at a dealership(not saturn)and usually when a car that old is on the lot they can't wholesale the car because they gave it to much trade in equity.Therefore they keep it in hopes of getting more money for it.As for no dents a Saturn has a plastic outer body but metal reinforcements underneath the panels.Upkeep on a Saturn is ok,most Saturn service depts. are slow,meaning not much work to do.Overall they are not bad cars if the price is right.But thats my opinion Im sure you will get more.
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well the car is 10 years old has enough miles on it to start having major mechanical problems at any time, has been in two accidents the dealership would probably just throw new tires on it and not even attempt to align it so you might want to run it by an alignment shop before you do buy it to see how far off it is.
but unless it was really cheap i would look for another vehicle.
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Beware, sounds like a heap to me.

Sounds like an SL1 (single overhead cam) which is crude, rough, cheap and annoying. I have a 1993 SL2 DOHC and it's still noisy but at least it can move out of its own way.

Early Saturns had some nagging problems and buying a car in not one, but two accidents is asking for trouble. Cars like this are as common as dog poo and you can find a better one for the same price elsewhere.

Skip it and move on now that you know the deal.
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Saturn SL1 1992

Thanks for the information on the Saturn SL1 1992. The price on the car is not high. I have researched the vin number on the car and found clear title in every direction. One accident was in 1993 and the 2ncd accident was in 1994. If something needed work, wouldn't the owner of the Saturn of made a rerport to their insurance company? Does repairs on a cars body parts or rebuilding, if reproted to the insurance company does that change the nature of the title to rebuilt? Being that the accidents were some time ago, I did not walk away when I was told this information. I will have the allignment checked elsewhere besides the dealer and the door reinforcements. I see Hondas and Toyotas for sale for as much money as the Saturn with more miles on them. I know they are good running cars, but it is crazy what people are asking for high mile autos! Thank you.
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Your balliwick. I would stay away.

Nothing has to be reported to anyone. The car could have been wiped out, the body shop in kahoots with the dealer, who knows. And since you KNOW it was in an accident, you don't know how extensive the damage was or the quality of the repairs.

When I found out my 79 Trans Am was in an accident in the past, I was able to get a hold of the guy that did the work..he was a dealer in the South and an old time Southern guy, who I'm friendly with. I grilled him for a half hour and he assured me he wasn't one for bondo...everything was GM NOS or good used sheet metal. And I have no reason to doubt him as he promptly gave me all the vehicle records he had...and he hadn't owned the car in 10 years . He also stated to me, "Your particular car as I recall has a patch of leather on the driver's seat top where it was carefully repaired". When I told him he was likely mistaken, and that since he owned 50 of these cars over his lifetime, he requested I go into my garage to have a look. Sure enough, there was a patch the EXACT size he stated in the EXACT spot...I never noticed it! Again, after that, I had no reason to doubt him.

Since you cannot substantiate the accidents and their effect on the car, the fact that you KNOW it's been in accident (not one but two) should tell you to stay away. There are plenty of these cars out there, don't be pressured into buying this one.

That's my .02 and I'm sticking to it. Beware, it sounds like it's more problems than it's worth.

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