94" Aerostar won't start


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Question 94" Aerostar won't start

I have a 1994 Ford Aerostar automatic 3.0. The van starts and runs fine but sometimes, mostly on very hot days, when I stop the engine and go to restart it, sometimes just minutes sometime up to a half hour later, the van won't start. If I turn the key everything lights up but the engine does nothing. If I open the hood it seems really hot and, after sometimes up to 45 min later, it starts right up. The engine temp. gauge reads in the normal range. I would just like an idea of what is wrong so when i take it somewhere I can give them an idea of what might be wrong.
Thanks for any help.
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Do you mean that the starter does not turn? If so there is a good chance the starter relay is going bad. My company car is a 90 aerostar, and I have to tap this relay with a stick/rock/ or wrench to get it to close the contacts for the starter to turn. My 85 econoline and 84 tempo did the same thing . Something about Fords. That starter relay is normally on the fender well near the battery, follow the big red wire from the battery to the little black relay. Give it a tap if you're stuck somewhere, then buy a new one. They are about 10 bucks. I have heard of starters failing when they get real hot, but I've had 3 Fords with bad starter relays, Had one even stick closed, so that the starter kept turning after the engine started. Had to disconnect the battery real fast for that one...
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I agree. The Fords use an external solenoid on most applications of that era and those things crap out quickly. Poor design and exposed to everything out there .
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