front sway bar 1990 corsica


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front sway bar 1990 corsica

I have a 1990 4- cylinder, 4-door Corsica. The front stabilizer bar seem to be resting on the control arm. Every now and than you hear a cracking noise. The bar don't appear to be cracked. Any suggestions. The bushings are worn would this cause it.
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I would remove the bushings to see if the sway bar is cracked or broken first.Remove all 4 bushings to check.
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Pull the sway bar and check for cracks and distortion of factory shaping due to bending from excessive weight bearing on it. Also inspect the lower control arms for damage (cracking).Be sure to replace the bushings with new. If there is damage to either the sway bar or control arms, your best bet is to obtain replacements through a wrecking yard. If they are damaged, check your strut condition as they may have taken a hard bottoming out too. After replacement, if necessary, be sure to have it aligned.

Generally speaking there is enough clearance between the sway bar and control arm even when the bushings are worn that they don't contact except where the sway bar mounts to the control arm. This could actually be the point of the "cracking sound", especially if the bushing is worn to the point there is metal-to- metal contact. Usually when they are making contact other than where the sway bar mounts to the control arm, it is due to excessive impact on the front end that results in the sway bar being bent. For example, hitting a large pothole at higher speeds or.....if you have kids that drive from time to time....maybe getting air borne.....

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