89 grandam needs help


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Lightbulb 89 grandam needs help

i have an 89 grand am when i push the gas peddle down some times it acts like it is boging down. My cousin says my gas is to rich it has a black cloud of smoke comming from the exhaust. What can i my self so to fix this. and what might it be. Please help.
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Could be anything, need more detail.

Start with my post "The Basics" listed below.
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A lil more detail, agreed.

As far as the bogging down, I've seen dirty fuel filters cause that problem, but it's one in a hundred possibilities. Considering the cost of fuel filters, just replace it. If it doesn't solve the problem, you probably still needed to change it anyway.
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my car has a 2.5 liter engin and is an automatic transmisson. It has a throdel body. friend said it could be a vaccume hose. But we havent found one. The girl i got it from said not to run it below a fourth of a tank because it acts like its out of gas and her husband said he checked the fuel filter. We changed the plugs and the problem still there. could it be the map cencor or the tps or the coolent temp. censor? or would someone tell me what the real problem is. the motor is vibrating when put in gear but not in park or nutural or even reverse.
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Run it down to a 1/4 tank and then rent a fuel pressure gauge from Autozone. Check the fuel pressure. You might have a bad fuel pump.

Running the fuel level low in a car with an intank pump is bad news. The pump gets wiped out from lack of fuel (lubrication and cooling).

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