Electric seat problem


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Electric seat problem

Ok here's the problem........My drivers side seat is stuck in the full foward possition. Wich is ok for my wife......but I'm tired of tasting my knees!
I've cleaned all the contacts.....greased the runners..........oiled the adjustment screws.....everything.
But I'm thinking its time to give up the chase and re-place it.
Can anyone suggest a good site I can order the parts from before I have to endure a Jersey summer in the junk yard!!??

Its a 86 caprice..so its kind of hard to get parts from GM.
And all I'm really looking for it the "transmission" under the seat
Any help would be most appreciated
Thanks in advance,
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Have ya checked the fuse..... could be that simple. Lets hope!!!
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yea........first thing.....motor gets plenty of juice....but after i reattach the coupler (small plastic barrel looking thing) thats it
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Sounds like it is probably the electric motor/transmission/relay assemly under the seat as you suspect. Bad thing is, these are either dealer or wrecking yard items. I do not know of any other places you can get them. Good luck with your search. Perhaps Joe_F will come along and shed a better light for you. He is an ASE Certified Parts pro.
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Take the seat out and see if you can get it to work without a load on it (your weight.

See if things move freely with it. If not, I suspect a weak motor if power is getting to it. Swap the switches a known good one to rule out a bad switch (get one from a yard).

GM doesn't show a relay or breaker for the seats (specifically) that I could find.

If there's a relay under there, simply bring it to any parts store and they'll cross it to a replacement one for you.

Good luck.

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