catalyc convertor


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catalyc convertor

I have a 1991 Pontiac LeMans, automatic and the catalyc convertor went out today. All it is doing is making a lot of noise. Do I need to be real concerned? Can the convertor be taken off and a pipe put in there instead?? The car has 215,000+ miles so I don't want to put another convertor on it, at $156, if I don't have to.

Many thanks in advance,

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If your converter is bad the loose pieces will clog the cat or the muffler at some point.I will tell you removing a converter is against the law,so I would not tell you how to,sorry.If you replace the converter have your emissions checked so you dont ruin the new one.Repair as needed.Good Luck
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davo is right. It is against federal law to remove the catalytic convertor from your vehicle.

Replace it with a new one ASAP as you will soon be developing performance problems and loss of mileage.
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Even a big 350 can't handle a clogged cat. I have a buddy who's big K5 Blazer 350 with a cat so clogged that the exhaust doesn't even pulse, it just kinda "flows" a little hot air. At full throttle the thing usually shuts off. Gets about 10 mpg.

Even though it will cost a good bit, I am with them above- replace it. Also consider a new O2 sensor, should be about $30 or so, but will probably do wonders for you car.
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Not only is it illegal, the car will be piss ass slow without one. Hollowing it out for instance might create a turbulence and make it slower off the line .

You can get a universal converter installed by a muffler shop for probably 125 bucks, but as most people here have stated, the cause for the converter failure must be found. The engine is running poorly if the converter is ruined.

If the engine burns oil or coolant, is out of tune, the cooling system is weak (will increase the underhood combustion chamber temperatures and make things work harder), a new converter will be ruined in short order.
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catalyc convertor

Thanks to all who responded to my question. As always you have the answers I need. I have replaced the cat. and the only thing the repair person found was that we just had too many miles on the car. It is a wonder that this was a small problem, 215,000 miles without a big repair is wonderful.

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