Car Alarm


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Car Alarm

I use my car less than once a month and it is parked 1/2 hr. away.
So to avoid battery-draining I disconnect the battery between uses. However, because I have a car alarm I must disable the alarm as soon as I reattach the battery.

I recently reconnected the battery but, now the alarm kill switch inside the car is broken and the keychain controls are long gone. Is there away that I can disconnect the alarm for good seeing as where I have no use for the alarm anymore?

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Easy thing to do is unhook the alarm module (brain). I assuming that you did not install it, to find the location of the alarm brain, start under the hood. There should be a siren mounted with couple of wires that lead back into the interior, just follow them and they will lead you to alarm module, then just unplug the harness and tape the wire side up. I dont recommend removing the wiring for the alarm unless you understand how the alarm interface with the car wiring. Some alarms by-pass the starter to keep it from starting, so just cutting wires out could leave your vehicle unable to start. If you want the wiring removed I would find someone who does alarm installes to help with removing the wires from the alarm.

Good luck
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I agree with Online2.

Most alarm wiring is hokey and the less you have to touch it, the better off you are.

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