1993 Chevy Astro heater problem


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Cool 1993 Chevy Astro heater problem


I'm having a heater problem. Heater isn't working now. I had the relay switch replaced, but now because it wasn't blowing. Now there is no heat at all. thanks in advance.
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No heat or no fan blower?

Has the blower motor resistor been checked/replaced?
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1993 Chevy Astro Van heater

Thanks Joe for your response. No the blower motor resistor hasn't been checked or replaced.

It's a 1993 mini van automatic V6 with air conditioning.

Originally, the heater worked & air conditioning worked, then, the heater continued to work but would not blow thru the vent setting which is the main central vent (I guess). I had my garage replace the relay switch & then the heater worked for a couple of months, but then it stop blowing thru the central vent again and now I'm not getting any heat at all. The air conditioning blows fine thru the main vent. Thanks for your help. I bought this vehicle used about 9 months ago.
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If you are stating that the air comes out in the wrong place, that is a vacuum problem.

Usually, there is a vacuum wheel on the back of the A/C controller that controls where the air goes based on what you select on the controller.

Have them check that. Do you hear hissing when the A/C is on?(vacuum leak)
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1993 chevy astro heater problem

Well there is no heat coming out of the HTR vent and it seems to blow up on the dashboard (defrost) and down on the floor but it
isn't warm heat. It just feels like air. I don't hear any sound when the air conditioning is on, although sometimes it sounds like a sigh when I turn it off. thanks for your help.
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Let me state it clearer, perhaps.

If you put the controller to "HEAT" and "WARM", do you get hot air coming out of the floor? If the air comes out of a different spot, this is vacuum problem.

If you get no heat at all, feel both heater hoses of the heater core. If they are both hot, the problem is likely with the blend door inside (I'm betting the problem is here). If both hoses are cold, you might have a bad thermostat among other cooling system issues.

Let us know what you find.
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chevy astro van heater

Thanks for your response. No I'm not getting any warmth at all. I will try to check those hoses. I can't do this today but I can check it tomorrow. Where is the thermostat located?

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Check the autolibrary.org link I have in my signature file for R&R procedures, locations, etc.

Follow the upper radiator hose to the engine block. It's in that housing at the end of the upper hose on the block end.
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i say look at your vacum lines and replace your thermostat also while your at it might as well replace both hoses and do a flush and feel i have basically the same van but mine is a 1988 i'm replacing the windshield wiper motor replaced the antenna now if i can figure out how to get my instrument cluster out i would. Don,
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chevy astro, loss of heater controll

hello I had the same problem,when you loose vacum the default is to run the def. and heater.both will be on at the same time. I found a leak in the vaum line that goes from the engine to the heater controlls.It is located at the front edge of the sheet metal under the hood where the wire bundle goes from side to side,the vac line is in there too.my leak was just above the battery where it goes into the dash.

took me a while but I found it!!!!!
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Hopefully they figured it out, it happened over 8 years ago......

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