cigarette lighter wont work


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Question cigarette lighter wont work

I have a 1991 Buick Riveria automatic. A couple of months ago I had a box of straight pens in the car on the center console (where the gear shift and cigarette lighter are). The cigarette lighter was out because I plug my cell phone charger into it, but was not in use at the time. Some how the box got knocked and one of the pins fell down into the open shaft while the car was running. Not thinking I instinctly grabbed the pin and managed to knock it further into the well. It hit the side and a spark flew. Now the cigarette lighter will not work (yes I know I shorted out the lighter). Can it be replaced or could the problem be more extensive than that?
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You likely just blew the fuse . Check the fuse and replace it. It will probably work now.

If not, depending on how easy the lighter is to access, it's not hard to replace the lighter.
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Ok sounds easy enough. But I've checked the fuse box before and I'm totally clueless as to which fuse might cover the cigarette lighter. I've checked the owner's manual once before in regards to the fuse box and there was little or no information as to what fuse covers what.
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Pull them all out one by one and inspect them. You'll see the metal wire inside broken or burned, that's a burned fuse.

Does anything else not work as a result? If so, that is how it's labeled on the fuse box.

For instance, the lighter might be on with the courtesy lamps. The fuse block will just say "courtesy".

Have another look at the manual. If not, take them out one by one until you find the toasted one. Replace it with the proper Amperage replacement (make sure no more metal is in the lighter) and try it out. Should be fine.

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