O2 Sensor


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O2 Sensor

How hard is it to replace the o2 sensors on a 98 Mazda 626? Is it something I should be able to handle?
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they are usually not very hard to replace but may require getting under the vehicle which will require a set of jackstands or drive on ramps, some you can remove with a 7/8 inch wrench providing you have room some requires an o2 sensor socket that about any parts store should carry. this vehicle should have a minimum of 2 o2 sensors if a 4 cylinder if its a v-6 it may have 3 so hope you know which one needs replaced.
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Thanks Bejay. I am doing this favor for my sister who took it in and was told both were bad. However, they wanted $800 to replace them.
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Just be very careful not to shock the new sensor, because they're sensitive. The new one should have anti-seize on the threading, so take care not to wipe it off or contaminate the sensor with it.

I've usually been pretty lucky changing the sensor, because they would unthread fairly easily, but one time it was on so tight it felt like it was welded on there. I cut the wire to allow use of a box wrench to get it off, after spraying some penetrant on it. The O2 sensor socket doesn't allow that much torque to be put on it, because it tends to spread, due to the slot.

When putting the sensor on, twist it some in the reverse direction before threading, so the wires will untwist as you thread it in. The O2 socket is probably needed then, because the box wrench may not fit over the connector (unless you're going with a universal sensor with bare wire ends).
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You can check the autolibrary.org link I have in my signature file below.

That will probably have the pictures and description of what you need to do.
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