buick cuts off when hot


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Unhappy buick cuts off when hot

I have a 1990 buick centry with 3.1 liter . Car runs fine until

it gets hot then it cuts off and will not start until it cools down

and then it will start and run fine until it gets hot and its the

same thing ? please help

thank you
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Does it have spark at the plugs when this happens? Hold a plug wire to ground and look for a fat, blue consistent spark when you have this trouble.

If there's no spark, suspect the ignition system (coil, module, crank sensor, etc).

Check the autolibrary.org link I have below for more ideas.
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crank sensor

thanks for help so far .i put ice on the crank sensor when it

hot then it started up this work good .now i hope you can

help me and tell me how to take out the old one and put in

the new one are there special tools i need

thanks a lot
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there is no special tools needed just take out the one bolt and slide it out of the block and then install your new one when the engine is cool it is usualy easier to change due to its location.
every once in a while the sensor will get stuck in the block and may break off when trying to remove just hope that isn't the case with this one.

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