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Wink mazdas

Just passing through and noticed that Joe's advice to Mazda owners seems to be flavored with a hint of dislike (ie wicked heaps & worn out shoe). In all fairness, Mazda's, like many other carlines, benefit from regular maintenance and a little TLC. In return, they reward their owners with many years of carefree service and in the case of the RX-7, a great ride. We are a family of 7s, owning 3 and always on the lookout for number 4. The problem most people face with RX-7s is not the car itself but the inferior service in an industry that is geared towards quantity and not quality (flatrate) They are definately a different 'beast' that require a skilled technician, not a parts changer.
Love My 7
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Red face

Naturally you're entitled to your opinion, as am I. ANY vehicle that meets a parts changer from a 1972 Chevy 350 to a 2002 Jaguar is being denied pure service.

There's even a guy in the Journey with Oldsmobile magazine that has proven that the diesel 350 is reliable. Yes, a Diesel 350 that every mechanic hates. He has gone to great lengths to dispell myths of problems with diesel engines.

There comes a point in time though that when a car like that gets old, you have to ask yourself "Am I putting good money after bad", and the answer is "Yes" if the rest of the car is in poor shape and repairs are costly.

Parts for Mazda tend to cost more, Rotary engines parts get more scarce every year the car is out of production...the volume is just not there.

The Rotary engine as used in a Mazda is very fast, nimble, but riddled with problems. So much so, Mazda dropped it from the product line. However, the likes of a 350 and such are still going strong...and other car companies buy them as well (conversion companies and what not).

Mazda was never one for quality...Toyota and Honda far eclipse it at a much more reasonable price. A 2.2 5SFE Camry will outrun most Mazdas and pound for pound cost less to operate. Toyota isn't one of the best selling imports for nothing...and consistently it has made the top 10 of imports.

Sales should show you something. Mazda, even being part of a large company like Ford STILL gets outsold by Toyota and Honda.

While I agree with you on the parts changers and technicians, I don't agree with you about Mazda. They are lackluster and questionable to me. Toyota for one, is far superior and their sales and customer satisfaction ratings show it.

Sorry, but Mazda's Zoom Zoom Zoom is Doom, Doom, Doomed by Toyota's sales .

My .02 as you are entitled to yours. We can all differ and still get along.
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I can tell you're in need of a drive in the country! All cars can reach the point of no return; the point of throwing good money after bad, as you say. My opinion of Mazda and the RX-7 is born from my own experience and not statistics. All our 7s have given us years of trouble free driving. The 1988 has 138k and still screams past the competition and pales in comparision to the 89. Although the RX-7 went out of distribution in the US, it continued to be produced and sold overseas and the new RX-8 is headed for dealerships in 2004, also a rotary. Mazda continues to manufacture parts for their cars and a quick trip around the net reveals thousands of wholesalers still selling RX-7 parts as well as performance upgrades and sites dedicated to the RX-7 racing enthusiast. As far as Toyota and Honda....why drive ordinary when you can drive extraordinary!
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You're correct, I don't drive ordinary cars, I drive American muscle cars, pretty rare ones at that I choose to support the economy of our great nation, not our Japanese neighbors.

So much so that on Saturday when I drove into the garage to inspect my 1979 10th Anniversary Silver Trans Am (one of 1,817), count 'em, yes FOUR guys from the neighboring shop came over to oooooh and ahhh over the car for 10 minutes, asking a million questions...and I haven't even redone the interior yet. Lol.

Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, an American muscle car is a ton more fun and has twice the support of any import. There are literally industries devoted to this car. Ames Performance Engineering exists SOLELY for Pontiac. So does Performance Years. The president of Phoenix Graphix (a decal supplier for all cars) owns TWO Trans Ams and the name of his company came from the bird on the T/A hood . I have convinced him and many other vendors to ramp up for parts for my car based solely on its rarity.

With that being said, I do not see any 1979 RX7's hitting 20 grand on the classifieds or on Ebay...however the mint 79 10th Anniversary cars have EASILY passed that mark more than once! Japanese cars just don't have the collectability clout American cars do. After 20 years, you've got a 20 year old piece of iron. On an American classic, you have a collectable.

Now I know I won't change you about Mazda, nor will you change me. I've driven the RX7, and it's nothing to write home about. If I had to own a Japanese sports car, it would be a Supra Turbo of your year/vintage. I find that to be a missile AND it has Toyota reliability, dependability and style. Much better choice to me.

Mazda has yet to convince me of stable, constant reliability and their dropping of the RX-7 so early in the game tells me they bailed out on it long ago.

Mazda may have had "Zoom, Zoom, Zoom", but Pontiac said it better in 1979 with "Very Rare, Very Well Done" and a "New Breed of Wow"

You just don't get that driving a Mazda.......

My two pieces of Wampum
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Hey Joe, I won't get into it with you on America vs the world, look at your tennis shoes! The import automotive repair industry has supported my family for 20 years. In fact, I never meant this to be an arguement although you took it there rather quickly. I was just wondering about your negative comments to Mazda owners posting for help. I don't have a problem with American Muscle, own one. I also don't have a problem with the RX7, own 3. I like driving a car you don't see everyday and apparently so do you. Your TA, rare in production, my 7s rare because no one knew how to take care of them. Your engine up and down, mine round and what! We've been stopped in traffic with questions about our 7s. 2 guys tried to buy the 89 at a Wendys outside of Cincinnati. In 20 years you'll have your TA and in 20 I'll have my 7s, they're lighter by the way. If you don't like answering questions about Mazdas, send em our way. 20 years experience and the only Wankle man in 150 miles keeps the phone ringin.
And if you ever find yourself in my neighborhood, I'd love to see your TA in my rearview mirror!! Be Cool.
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My, my, getting nasty about that No need to do so. You've taken it to argument proportions. I've got posts to answer and folks to help, so here goes:

Newsflash: You'll lose that one.

Your cohort with his 1983 Mazda broke down, so there goes your reliability out the window . And I plan to help him and answer his questions and working through his problem. I know together we will solve his problem. So, there's no problem on my end, what color is the sky in your world?

I've answered 5000+ automotive posts on this forum typically within hours of them being posted, and helped numerous folks, on my own time for FREE. What's your claim to fame?

Remember, the Pontiac you're behind could be mine . I'll be the one with the fanfare of people asking me questions though. Lol. Including EVERY former owner (that's right, I've contacted each and every former owner this car has had since 1979 and gotten some of the original paperwork on the car) wanted to buy it back!

Be cool and chill out. For each his own. I chose to support my neighbors who still work for GM's vendors building parts for my cars here in America. I also support our economy. It's a true fallacy that you have to buy an imported car to get anything quality..such folks are just misinformed .

With that being said, this post is closed.
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