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Question Fuel Gauge Also

My wife's 1992 Escort (no slams, please) station wagon had a fuel indicator problem. When the tank is filled, the gauge stays on full till the tank is nearly exhausted, then the bottom drops out and it shows empty. This had been a problem for some months and I think is showed up at the same time as the tachometer went haywire. The tach will only go up to about 2500 RPM regardless of the engine speed. On rare occasions, after several miles of driving, the tach will spring up to the correct reading, but always when the engine is first cranked, it springs up to about 2500, even at idle. Any suggestions anyone?
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Check for pinched or open wiring at the tank's fuel sender.

Barring that, likely a bad float in the tank. The dash gauges do not go bad all that often.

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