My RX-7 is dead. HELP JOE!


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Unhappy My RX-7 is dead. HELP JOE!

I feel rather foolish and I must now give in to Joe_F...You were right, and how ironic it is for my RX-7 to die today...strange indeed. I thought that the battery was dead, so I boosed it, after letting it run for about 5 minutes, (the engine had warmed up) it cut out and died. It wouldn't restart so again I boosted it. I was about to pull away, and it simply cut out again. A thrid time I boosted it and let it sit running for a good 5-10 minutes so I felt sure as it wouldn't stall again, and as I turned on the headlights, the engine died again...After letting out a few choice words I gave up and am now turning to you for help. I don't believe that this is simply a battery problem anymore, and these symptoms do not seem to resemble an alternator problem to my knowledge and aside from that I don't know what to think. To re-cap it is an 83 RX-7, 80,000 miles, and I think that is about it. Once again my apologies to Joe about the whole dispute regarding Mazdas, Now I gotta go find me a 1969 Charger...
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It's ok. See when I said we can all get along, help each other and still disagree? This is where it really stinks to have a foreign car and it starts to cost you the bucks...but that doesn't solve your problem at without further adieu....

I think you have an alternator or ground problem .

Do this:

Fully charge the battery. Get yourself a digital meter. The output should be 12.5 volts with nothing on, engine off. Start up the engine. Should be 14.2 volts. Slowly add your accessories (Lights, wipers, high beam, turn signals, defroster, etc). Watch your digital meter. If it goes below 13.5 volts with a full load, the alternator is wiped.

Check all your battery and ground connections for soundness and cleanliness. That's quite important. Also make sure your alternator belt is in good condition and properly tensioned. How old is the battery? Have it load tested to check for fault. If it's over 4 years old, pitch it for a new one. Delco makes the longest lasting batteries

Beyond that, look for a 1969 Camaro or Firebird, better choice
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Heck just get a Buick Grand National.

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