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whats up fellas. i have a 94 rx-7. I just need to know how to change the battery. I'm not too mechanically apt, and i didnt want to do anything stupid. thanks
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Have a look at the link I have furnished below in my signature file. Should have the R&R procedure there.

If not, in short:

1) Remove the old battery cables. Clean them with baking soda and vinegar if they are very corroded.

2) Red goes to positive, black to negative. Remove any hold down device.

3) Plop in the new battery. Any parts store will provide the right one.

4) Connect red to positive, black to negative. Tighten it all securely.

5) Done.

Also, most places like Sears and other major retailers offer free battery installation if you buy the battery from them. They'll also check the charging system at the same time and advise you of any problems found. You could also go that route.
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for saftey use this order

to remove remove neg side first
to install install pos side first
A wrench can short out on any ground and will turn red and burn you and it could destroy the battery Or if it sparks and all the planets are lined up with the sun and the moon EXPLODE not a pretty sight.
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thanks a lot

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