clutch and brake


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clutch and brake

i have a 1995 1.3L toyota corolla with manual transmission, carburated.
(1) i sometimes experience shaking ( like some giant pulling the car back and forth at incredible speed) as soon as i disengage the clutch pedal. this usually happens during traffic (when in a stop and go condition). Is the clutch causing the problem?Is it worn out, or needs replacement?
(2) i hear a grinding noise from the rear when i step on the brake pedal. it seems to be coming from inside the right rear tire. the brake shoes were replaced a year ago. Also, when the car is idle with the engine running, i feel a little vibration when the brake pedal is fully depressed, the tachometer reading varies inconsistently from 800 to 900rpm. Is this normal?
(3) is it necessary to have the airconditioning system cleaned yearly?
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Where are you located? There is no 1995 Toyota in the US with a 1.3L engine, no less carbureted.

If the A/C system works fine, leave it alone. It is a sealed system.

Need more vehicle detail to help on the other problems, but if the car has not seen service (tune up, fluid and filter changes) for a while, there's the place to start.

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