95 Windstar brake warning light


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95 Windstar brake warning light

The brake warning light on my 95 Ford Windstar 3.8 liter was coming on intermitently.

I noted no fluid leaks or other problems (except the ABS has been unplugged for years as it was broken).

To fix the warning, I replaced the master cylinder as this is what the manual seemed to suggest. After replacing the master cylinder, the warning light was okay in driving. The Windstar was not in use for 4 weeks, and now the problem is back!

I bled one rear and front wheel again to see if the porportioning switch would reset itself. No luck.

Brakes seem to work ok (no imbalance front/back left/right)

When I unplug the wires going to the resevoir on top of the master cylinder the light goes out. I did not replace the resevoir on top of the master cylinder yet.

Any ideas how to find the cause of the brake warning light?

Thanks in advance,

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The switch is likely bad that controls the warning light.

However, "disconnecting" the ABS is bad business. It should be part of the system. It is part of the design of the system. The vehicle is designed with it in mind and with the capacity of the braking system including that the ABS works. Fix that issue.

I suggest that if you do not have the tools, OEM manual, procedures and techniques to fix it right, you get it professionally serviced. Brakes are not something to gamble with in any regard. Safety depends on it.
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I am not a technician, and don't know alot. You might be overlooking the obvious. My 96 Windstar had the abs light come on intermittently, and it was just a smidgen low on brake fluid. Maybe this would help?
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usually the wires on top of the resevoir are for the 'low fluid' sensor. topping the fluid and tapping the side of the master cylinder is all that's usually needed to reset the light, unless the switch itself has gone bad. you shouldn't need to add fluid more than once, twice at the most between brake jobs. the fluid is used to replace the wear of the brake pads and is normal to go down slightly as the pads wear. you should not have to add fluid every four weeks---this means you have a leak and it should be obvious, fix this first!!

most cars can be driven almost indefinitely with the abs disconnected, however for your safety and the safety of everyone around you, it should eventually be fixed. with this disconnected you have a base brake system, meaning a car without abs, and in a panic situation (rain/snow)it could mean the difference between skidding into a ditch, or a bridge abutment or a school bus stop, guess who's going to be liable for that.
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