saturn wagon


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saturn wagon

I have a 1993 saturn wagon sw2. I want to replace the spark plugs

but am having a hard time wrenching them out. Any suggestions? Also

when I pulled one of the cables off there was oil on it and subsequently

in the spark plug hole. This must be cause for concern?
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You have a bad valve cover gasket....that is why the oil is in the plug wells. This is common with Saturn.

Saturn's "gasket" is nothing more than grey high temperature silicone vacuum sealed in a tray. It's about 15 bucks from the dealer.

Saturn plugs (which are AC Delco) are coated with antiseize from the factory, FR3LSJ plugs in Delco if I'm not mistaken. If someone put other numbers in there or didn't apply antiseize, they could be a gazorch to get out.

Soak the area good with WD40 and then give it a whirl. Change the valve cover gasket and then change the oil and filter when you are done to flush all the gunk out of the engine.

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