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Help repairing large hole in plaster wall.

Help repairing large hole in plaster wall.


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Help repairing large hole in plaster wall.

I'm repairing a quite large hole in my plaster wall. I have nailed a piece of plaster to the stud and it sits there fine, but I need to know how to fill the in the gaps around the sides. It's only about a 1/4 inch. I have some Uni - fill ready mix but was just wondering if this was suitable or not.
Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
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Plaster board repair

Sand away loose sections and rough edges apply a new coat of joint compound and embed new tape into it. Finish with 2 or more coats of compound, feathering the edges and sanding smooth.

Repairing Larger Holes
This method uses wallboard which is the same thickness as the wall. Cut out a rectangular section including the hole. Use a drywall or key hole saw. Cut a scrap piece of plaster-board to fill the hole of the wall, making it about a quarter of an inch shorter and narrower. This will allow a 1/8" fill border on all sides. Using either scraps of 1" by 3" lumber or firing strips cut a few inches longer than the hole, insert them in the wall so they can be screwed in from the front and edges with drywall screws, and act as a backstop for the new section. Insert the patch, screw it up with drywall screws, and finish with tape and a few coats of compound as above. Sand lightly and paint.

How To Fix Damaged Walls of Plaster Board. DoItYourself.com. Retrieved 10 August 2002. http://doityourself.com/patch/fixdamage.htm

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