drywall taping


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ann peterson
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drywall taping

does anyone have tips on how to get nice smooth drywall taping.
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I have started taping my own walls myself and founds that the help is found in the 'walls' section of this site
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ann peterson
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thanks for sending me there! everything you want to know about taping is there. i just paid a guy $650 to do 2 repairs and finish a stairwell that had the tape and 1st coat; i think my husband can do as good. we have a 10x11 ceiling and small bathroom ceiling to do, we'll save another 600 to 700.
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bungalow jeff
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Ann, you and your husband can learn to tape and mud drywall as well as the average pro. Go for it. Closet repairs are a great learning area. You'll save money and there is pride in the accomplishment.
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If I could post a few words of advice they would be:

1) sanding is messy and you can't contain all the dust no matter how hard you try.

2) very few tools are required for the task - so invest in good quality and take care of them. Clean them up as soon as your done.

3) sanding is messy

4) Thin coats are better than heavy ones - even if it means you have to put on one or two more.

5) Sanding is messy

6) Use the sanding screens made specifically for drywall.

7) Sand lightly between coats to knock off the buggers

8) When you are putting on the mud, if it looks pretty good, resist the temptation to try and make it better - you will usually make more of a mess.
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Yes sanding is horrible, I use one of the big, FLAT, grout sponges. Use it barely damp, rise it frequently, and use it gently. You will end up with a very nice smoooooooth finish.

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bungalow jeff
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For the initial sanding, those shop-vac attachments work really well. If you get a random orbit hand motion going , it cuts down the rough lines caused by the sanding mesh. A light sponge sanding (wet really does work nice) after gets a nice final surface.
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ann peterson
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thanks to everyone

My husband started Sunday and worked on it today. I'm staying out of the room until he is finished, then he'll let me see it. Thank everyone for the suggestions, they were very helpful.
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One last recommendation: use the nylon mesh tape as opposed to the paper tape. It is so much easier to apply.

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