gypsum/plaster walls


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Mark B
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gypsum/plaster walls

My house has interior walls that are plaster over gypsum with holes drilled in it to act as lath. The gypsum is 1/2 inch thick and the plaster about the same thickness. I'm in the middle of some minor remodeling/upgrading of the kitchen and have to repair the walls where the electrician ran some new cable. The material is difficult to cut through evenly without crumbling the plaster or breaking the gypsum board in chunks. I've tried using the standard wallboard knife, but the coarse teeth crumble the plaster excessively. Does anyone have any hints/tricks for cutting and repairing this type of wall material without having more material crumble away? Would a reciprocating saw work? If so, what type of blade? Any advice appreciated.
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I have exactly the same construction - plaster over the old plasterboard. I have successfully used my sawzall in cutting the plaster without damaging the surrounding plaster. I just used the standard rough cutting blade for wood. (It did, however eat up the blade in a relatively short time.) I was enlarging an opening in the wall to replace a 2-0 closet door with a pair of 2-0 bypass doors for better access to the closet.
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Mark B
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Thanks, Thiggy. I've used a sawzall with a fairly aggressive blade (8 teeth/inch) and it worked quite well. I did go through quite a few blades, though. The plaster is quite coarse and sandy, and it just wore the teeth right off the blades! Looks better than attacking it with a hammer and chisel...

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