Cracks in drywall


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Cracks in drywall

I have a drywall ceiling that was installed when my house was built about 6yrs. ago. The seams all have cracks in them and I would like to spray a texture onto the drywall. My question is do I need to make sure the cracks are fixed. I have tried putting drywall compound over them but it continues to crack.
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Cracks in drywall

Cracks along drywall seams may be indicative of the framing materials having had too much moisture in them when the house was built. Another reason may be settling of the structure. Sometimes seasonal changes in humidity put stress on seams. Keeping the house's humidity level at a constant level can be challenging.

"There are several ways you can tackle the crack repair process. One method I have used with great success is to treat the cracks like new drywall seams. You tape over them using an adhesive fiberglass mesh tape or a paper tape. Successive layers of joint and topping compound disguise the repair. A final skim coat over the entire wall fills dimples, hairline cracks, and other imperfections.

Another method is to apply large sheets of thin fiberglass mesh over the entire wall or ceiling. The entire surface is then skim coated with joint compounds which hide the cracks and the mesh.

The ready mixed joint compounds may not be the best material to use. They are simply buckets of glue and filler. You can buy dry powdered setting type joint compounds that mix readily with water. These compounds contain a mixture of glue, filler, and gypsum. The presence of gypsum allows them to harden much like concrete. Same day wall repairs from start to finish are possible with these magical materials."

Restoring Plaster Walls - Use The Right Stuff!
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If the ceiling is Drywall and Not Plaster you are probally seeing Crack's because when the Drywall finishers, Finished your walls and ceiling's they did a RUSH JOB and used Fiberglass Mesh Tape rather than mudding the seam and applying the Papertape .

Also could be from not having the right amount of mud behind the tape in the first place.

Or just Not taping the Seam Correctly period.

I have seen this to many time's "Trying to skip a process" to sign off and do another job.


What you need to do is Cut out the cracks and if there is tape there you need to peel it off and RE-MUD AND RETAPE
You cannot just put mud over the crack or it will ALWAYS Shine through You Must apply tape over the cracks.
Good luck.
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If the cracks are caused by framing shrinkage and not a poor tape job, it will crack through the texture as well. Hollywood is correct. Make sure your repairs clean out all cracks/seams and fill completely with mud before taping.

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