Remove heavy stippling


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Remove heavy stippling

My daughter bought an older home. ONe of the rooms is 26x26 and has extremely heavy stippling on the walls. Looks like someone just threw handfuls of drywall compound on the walls. We have sanded and sanded but it will take months. Does anyone know of any easier way to remove this> Thanks
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Oh NO!

I have encountered some awful paint and plaster stippling and I know what you're going through. The hair on my neck stood up when I read your message. My worst experience was a huge room that was actually stippled with handfulls of thrown plaster and then splash painted yellow and red to create 'sunbursts' effects. Yuck!

There might be easier ways - but I rented a large 8 inch 110v two-handed disc sander/grinder that had a dust collector attachment. Using mesh type discs and a very large shopvac I very carefully took the stippling down to where I could hand sand it. Renting that power tool saved time, taking days off the job.

Messy job! Naturally I needed lots of dust masks, used safety glasses, hung plastic in the doorway, and constantly emptied the shop vac - but take it from me, earplugs will come in handy. The room came out nice. The key was patience, using the sander very carefully and not to sand into the wall and ceiling beneath the stippling. Good luck.
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Thank you sooo much for your quick reply. I am calling now to rent the type of sander you are talking about.

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