Make a small opening in an interior wall?


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Make a small opening in an interior wall?

I want to make an opening of roughly 1 foot high, 2 feet wide, in the wall that separates the shower and the bathtub, so as to have more natural light in the shower. The opening will be above all plumbing and fixtures, about 7 feet from the floor.

I guess that involves breaking the drywall, cutting the studs, make a new frame in 2x4s, secure it to the studs, and then add drywall on the inside of the frame, patch and paint. Is that it?

I don't think I can do it myself. How much do you think I'm looking at spending to have a contractor do that?
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If you make it 1 foot wide and 2 feet high the cost will go down. This would allow it to fit between two studs and all you will need to do is frame the opening itself.
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Actually, it's more like 3 foot wide and 2 foot high. I can't find anyone who wants to work on it in my area (called about 6 plaster guys)...what kindo of contractor would do that? General contractor? What should I look for in the yellow pages?
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You seem to have figured out the steps by the time you find someone you could have done it yourself. Why don't you think you can do it? As brickeye stated work it out so that it falls between two studs and the rest will be easy. Draw a straight line where you want the bottom and top to be.Then somewhere in the middle of this space start cutting using a small keyhole saw (that's a saw with a point on it). Cut until you hit the stud then cut up along the edge of the stud until you get as high as you want. If you run into a stud in the middle move around it. The reason you are skipping the middle stud is because you want to go back later and cut that stud far enough below the opening that you will be able to put another 2x4 on top of it and have that flush with the opening. If you simply cut straight across then you will have to add drywall to the bottom and top to make it even with the 2x4's. That is the extent of your frame, two 2x4's nailed between the existing studs. Doing it this way you will only have a little repair work to do where the middle stud was cut out. For the beading around the opening use the vinyl type and not the metal. This is a simple job that would cost you several hundred in labor if you hired it out. Before you start cutting hammer some holes across the distance to be sure that there isn't a vent pipe in the wall.

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