House sounds--Popping/noise


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Question House sounds--Popping/noise

My house is 15 years old, I bought it 3 years ago. We have not had this problem before...when it's cold Maine most of the time walls are popping and it sounds horrible. We have tried to find the issue but am worried it might be serious...we have baseboard heat. Suggestions/tips?
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You mention that you use baseboard heat and I assume that the baseboards aren't electric, so they heat with water or steam because it'd be awfully expensive to electrically heat in Maine; Therefore, my initial guess would be that your hearing the pipes expanding and contracting as they heat and cool, but it's really only a guess; Though, more info about your heating system may satisfy the question, or rule my answer out entirely.

A 15 yr old house should have finished settling and with the amount of rock up under Maine, I find it very doubtful that there's a sinkhole opening. There is a faultlline somewhere up that way, I remember one of the times that I lived in Maine, there was a small earthquake centered somewhere near Bangor, but there's not a lot of ground-shifting happening on a regular basis.

I don't really have an answer; I'm guessing that it's related to the heating system; Either that, or the chipmunks may have found a way to migrate into your walls; Perhaps somebody else has a better response, but based on the information at hand, I'd suspect the heat.

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we moved into an older home (about 70 years) about a year ago and it has been making popping /creaking noices as well this winter.

for us it was a matter of getting use to it as it think alot of it is related to the hydronic heating pipes expanding and contracting. also having lathe and plaster walls, the house is continually expanding and contracting, especially on cold and windy days.


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