patching popcorn ceiling


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patching popcorn ceiling

I need to replace a 10" x 10" piece of my popcorn ceiling. Is this a drywall/sheetrock used for walls? Is there a spray paint can that will make such popcorn texture? Thanks for any advice.
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Usually ceilings are 5/8" sheetrock that you can get anywhere.

The popcorn mix is avaialble in a can for rolling, if memory serves.
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Sheetrock yes, 5/8"...well it should be, but I find alot of 1/2" ceilings in older remodels. Measure what's there to be sure what you got. How bad is the existing sheetrock in the area? If it's still in fairly decent shape you can scrape the bad spot off with a 10-12" drywall blade and use the roll on popcorn to patch it back in. If the area is discolored from water damage, might need to prime it with a good primer prior to applying the new texture.

Hope that helps out, let us know how it comes out.

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