what to do after 2 coats of mud


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what to do after 2 coats of mud

Just had a wall built in the basement. The drywall guy put 1 coat on and then another heavy coat of mud on it afterwards. I told him I would finish the rest of it, so as not to have to pay him to return. I have plastered before, but need refreshing. When the present 2nd. coat dries, it will be rough. Do I sand it down, or fill in and smoothen with a third coat? Then sand afterwards? What grit of sandpaper? I'd like to know the "best" correct steps. Thank you.
George, a very proud Marine Corps dad
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Hello George,

Semper fi, I commend you for raising what must be a remarkable young man. May god bless & bring him home soon safely to you.

As to your question, yes you need to sand after the second coat, you can use a fine grit sand paper on that, I'd recommend using a drywall screen for sanding, it takes less effort and it doesn't get clogged up. Once you've got your wall where it's completely smooth to the touch, she's ready to prime & paint. Probably will require one more skim coat of mud, unless you happen to have an exceptional finish man working on it.

Good luck & post back if you have additional ?'s & let us know how it turns out.
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thanks awesomedell

Thanks for your support..yes, the Marines have made him an outstanding young man..hopefully it'll be over soon, so all the men and women can return safely.
I will get the screen....and I know I will have to do some patch up skimming because I didn't want him to come back another day..so some places he really laid it on thick, but I am in no rush. Thanks
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Here's an illustrated article from Reader's Digest "The Family Handyman" magazine on drywall finishing that might help:
Good Luck!

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