pneumatic texture gun


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pneumatic texture gun

Hi,I am wondering if anyone has tried and has any opinion on a hand-held texture gun that the hopper is a plastic bottle that snaps on,holds about 2 litres of texture material,is supposed to spray cielings and small repair jobs.You can apply a knockdown finish,also.You pump it to spray the material.Sort of reminds me of an old style insecticide sprayer.Any thoughts out there?Is it worth the bother?I have a cieling leak that needs to be fixed after the roofers are done.I will have to replace a 2x4 piece of sheetrock.It has a bad bow in it and is water stained.Thanks for any input.
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mark 7,

Don't have any personal experience with the product you're describing, sounds cheap, & I suspect results would look the same. Round my neck of the woods a decent spray rig with the hopper & compressor, hose, everything but texture mud rents for $20 a half day or $35 a day from local rental yards & even one good hardware chain (Westlake's). I'd go with this route & I'd suggest saving the rest of the sheet you're going to cut for your patch to practice on so try & get as close a match as possible to the rest of your ceiling. Also be prepared, you'll probably never match the texture perfectly, it's very hard to do Best of luck & post back to let us know how it turns out, or ask more ?'s.

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