preparing interior concrete walls


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preparing interior concrete walls

The house is 103 yrs old . It is all concrete. Ceiling and walls are losing the stucco covering. Behind the stucco is some mold any ways to get rid of that ? There is some type of sealant, it looks like tar can it be removed? The load bareing walls are concrete the ceilings and floors (all three stories) are concrete but some interior walls are plaster these walls are fine. Did some one stain the concrete baseboards to look like oak in 1900? Will I be able to paint the concrete walls?
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Hello & welcome to the forums. Got a first name? Sounds like quite a fixer-upper you've got there. Where to start, another member Chris, (can't remember his screen name sorry) has posted this link for historic plasterHistoric Plaster

Concrete walls can be painted, I'd think with oil base paint over a good primer, consult paint manufacturer's site for alot of good info, do your research. I've used KILZ to on mold, will kill & seal it. Also heard good things about a product called Zinser, though haven't seen it locally.

Good luck, post back with more questions.
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You really have an unusal house, especially considering its age.

The mold is killed by a bleach-based cleaner. The tar is an old method of sealing the concrete. I would chip it off. As for painting concrete, the best product I know of is Thorocoat, made by the Chemrex corporation. It is an acrylic- based coating with aggregate. For more information see:
Select your application (floors, walls, below grade, etc.) from the drop down menu to see a variety of products. I have used Thorocoat and Thoroseal and can attest to thier high quality.

In order to restore the stucco, you probably should remove all the old stuff and install new stuff. This is not for the faint of heart though. It's really hard work. Chemrex also makes stucco mixes , see the above web site. Surface preparation is very important when applying new concrete to old. Make sure you follow the manufacturer's directions. I would recommend an extremely thorough cleaning and the use of conrete bonding adhesive also.

Hope this helps.

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