Can I Add Color to Spackle


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Question Can I Add Color to Spackle

I need to do a lot of patching and filling on the bare white walls of my living room. Did the same thing upstairs and had a hard time locating all of the areas to sand because of the poor lighting - it looks OK because it's not a bright area, but there are a few areas that I missed, even with the touch test.

Can I add some coloring - food or otherwise - to my light weight spackle? I am hoping that this will ensure that I don't miss any spots when sanding. In this room, any spots I miss will stick out.

Thanks in advance.
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Yes, but I think you'd need to use a stain blocking primer, like Killz, over it in order to hide the color. I wouldn't do it. Use extra lights and shine them at an angle to the wall to look for the dried joint compound dull areas. Hope this helps.
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It sounds like a good idea to be able to tell where you have worked. I doubt that the food coloring would be a problem. You will need to prime the wall anyway.

Let us know how it works.
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Hi, thanks for your replies. I will be priming but will use Bullseye 1-2-3, which advertises that it's stain-blocking. I've avoided Kilz because it's an oil product.

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All of the primers come in a latex version.
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All you need to do is to add some chalk line chalk. I saw this used at a Habitat for Humnaity project a couple of years ago. It made it very simple to see where each run of spakle was done and not done. They just tinted the mud a different color for each coat.
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I like that idea garywms! Very innovative low cost solution.

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