screwy stucco job


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screwy stucco job

The front exterior of my house is block construction, but the previous to previous owner applied stucco over it. You'd think he would have applied stucco directly to the block, but what he did is applied wire-mesh lath over the block and stucco'd over it. He nailed 1"X6" boards along the entire length of the bottom to fasten the lathe to.
I recently re-cut the stucco (required by termite inspectors) as the original cut was below grade as well as uneven. I found the boards (mentioned above) rotted, and so I removed them.

Here is my dilemna:
Now I have a clean stucco cut, but I also have an uneven 1" gap between the stucco (approx 1/2" thick) and the block siding. Critters are climbing up in there, and when it rains, water temporarily wells up against the exterior (bad grading--another problem). I have tried mixing concrete resurfacer and troweling into the gap, but it just falls out (I think the gap is just too big; and I did use bonding adhesive).

I would greatly appreciate anybody's suggestion regarding how to properly seal this gap.

Many thanks, in advance,
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I'm not sure I quite understand you. What I think you are saying is that above the grade there is a gap where the old rotten boards were and you want to fill this in. If I am wrong please correct me. Maybe what I am going to tell you will still work. On a hot day hose out the gap you are wanting to fill. Use as much pressure in as concnetrated a stream as you can get from your nozzle. Scrub it with a stiff brush and rinse. Let it dry a day. Apply some bonding agent. With luck you will have cleaned out the dirt and old bonding agent on top of the dirt and have nice clean surfaces to bond to. If you are using drymix concrete get some mortar mix. Mix it to a spreadable consistency and let it set ten minutes. Mix it again. You might need to add just a little water to get a workable consistency again but a cup of water is a lot of water in a wheelbarrow of good mud so be careful. Press the mud in with a trowel and cut it off against your square edge. Don't worry if you don't get it full at this point. After a while which might be from a few minutes to an hour when it is firm add more until it is flush. Now timing is rather important here don't let it set completely just enough that when you add more it won't pull out what you already put in. Scrape any excess off using the existing stucco as a screed. Then you should float it with a red sponge float. Texture to match and refinish.

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