skim coat


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skim coat

I'm not familiar with what a skim coat is and just what it takes in doing it.

I have removed all the wall paper in my kitchen which is plaster and cinderblock. In order to smooth out the wall for painting I've been told by contractors it needs a skim coat.
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bungalow jeff
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A skim coat is a thin coat of plaster placed over the existing wall. Skimming is the technique used to trowel the plaster coat onto the surface. Skim coating takes some practice, so unless you plan on doing this kind of work all over your home, a pro can knock it out in no time. Plus, it will probably be a bit smoother.
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are you suggesting that I not bother and just have the contractor do all the work?

I'm asking because I'd like to try to save some money here and there. If I can keep them completely out of the kitchen it would be great but they will have to do some old water damage behind the stove.
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If the contractor you've chosen, hopefully after getting at least a couple of estimates can do the work, I think you'll be much happier with the end result. As Jeff has mentioned, a pro can knockout a skim coat on a room in short order. But if $$ are tight it is something you can do for yourself, but be prepared, it's not as easy as they make it look on TV. Takes practice & it can be very messy when you're first learning how to do it.
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Welcome back, Awesomedell!

cynthetiq, if you really want to give it a try, practice in a closet first. Most houses with plaster walls seem to have at least one cracked up closet. You can play around with technique until you are comfortable to attack your room (it's all wrist action I've heard, but I find squinting one eye and sticking my tongue out helps).

I did not mean to suggest you should not try do it yourself. Since you mentioned contractors I assumed you were going to hire the work out.

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