Pre-mixed mud


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Pre-mixed mud

In another thread, you guys suggested using the lightweight joint compound over the all-purpose out of the bucket. I would like to know why that is, since I'm getting tired of mixing my own from powder ( usually lightweight 45 or 90). Working with the dry stuff is great, it sets up really fast, you can go over it as much as you like and it doesn't crack at any volume. The canned stuff would crack easily and didn't like to be touched with a knife for a whole day. It's been a while since I switched to the dry, but I'm pretty sure that the bucket I used was all-purpose.
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Hi Sparks and welcome aboard.

I recommend using the lite compound, because it shrinks and pocks less than all-purpose. That being said, I use 90 min alot of the time for small jobs, but for new construction, no way am I mixing that much 90 min mud. There's not enough open time to sling a 5 gal bucket of 90 min, it'll be settin up in the bucket & I really hate cleaning buckets with a hammer.
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OOps miss comunication. When we suggested to use lightweight we ment the lightweight out of the box or bucket. There are 3 different types of mud. All purpose, lightweight and topping. These come in 5 gal buckets or boxes. If you are going with USG brand the box colors are like this: all purpose is green, the lightweight (plus 3) is red, white and blue, and the topping is light blue. We ment for you to use the plus 3. These muds dry naturally over time. The powder in the bag is also a lightweight form. It is a quick setting type. Great for patching but not good for bigger jobs.

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