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Exclamation She's breaking up captain!


I recently bought a home to use as a rental property. When I bought it, it had been completely (or so I was led to believe) rehabilitated. After about a month, a large vertical crack appeared in one wall. No problem, a little spackle, a little paint, fixed. That crack has now opened for the third time and cracks are appearing through out the house! All vertical and running nearly from floor to ceiling! Most are at the 90 degree meeting of two walls. The house is frame, built on piers with a dirt crawl space underneath. It was built some 70 years ago. Any suggestions?


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is it possible that there is no tape at the corners? If not retape them. Also sometimes if a corner is painted prior to the mud being completely dry a minor crack along the corner will appear when the mud/paint is completely dry and shrunk which is common in humid areas and corners are the slowest. I,ve seen corners take up to 3 or four days to dry in such conditions. If the house is shifting to the extent of causing cracks its unlikely that cracks will be limited to just the vertical corners.

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