plaster walls - questions


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plaster walls - questions

I'm looking at a 120 year old home. The house has plaster walls and ceilings. The downstairs has been entirely redone and is mostly wall paper. I don't normally like wallpaper, but the idea of removing it from plaster walls is not appealing and the wallpaper is actually nice looking and in great shape. I have no idea what the walls under it looks like.
Should I care if I'm happy to leave the wallpaper in place?

The upstairs is another story. The master bedroom has been redone, but the landing and other 2 bedrooms have not. There are cracks in the plaster that to me don't look too bad. I would guess that I could just patch them up and go on my merry way.
My sister went with me to look at this house. I am asking my realtor to take my parents though it sometime in the next couple of weeks after I do some neighborhood, tax, heating, ele research on the area. I live 4 hours away from the house - my family is 45 mins from it. I've asked my parents to look at the walls and ceilings to get an idea of what damage needs to be fixed. My sister has told my mother that I'd need to remove all the plaster and replace with drywall as plaster is bad. News to me. I don't think there was that much damage to need to remove all the plaster, but just patch the cracks. I didn't see water damage, just clean cracks.
Is there any reason I should be thinking about removing all the plaster at least upstairs?
Patching the cracks I'm positive I can do myself, removing plaster and installing drywall may be more than I'd like to do this time around.

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As long as the plaster is just cracked but still firmly attached to the lath, you'd be ok to just do the crack repair, prime & paint.

Any of the plaster that isn't still firmly bonded to the lath, need to come off and be repaired, either thru replastering, or by replacement with drywall. Hope that helps you out. Happy New Year!

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