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I just added recessed lighting to my Kitchen. In the process of installation I found that there were pipes, supports etc. that I had not planned on.
The bottom line is that I had 4, 5" square holes that were not needed. I tried to patch by cutting a piece of new wallboard the same size of the hole in the ceiling and proceeded to tape and patch. Now that I have finished, the patches are very noticeable.
What can I do? I was thinking about textured paint. There was one other small problem I have and that is I tried to tape and patch piece of wall board that had a crater from small water damage and wound up with the same problem.

Please give your comments.

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Drywall mud shrinks as it dries and this may have caused part of your problem. I always use 3 coats allowing time for each coat to dry. Be sure to prime your patches before painting.
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Also, a patch on a slick ceiling(or anything else) must be feathered out. I would say on a 5 inch problem, assuming the patch doesn't hang below the rest of your ceiling, you would need to feather the patching at least a foot all the way around. This is best done with a 10 inch drywall blade but can be done with a 5 or 6 in steps...Mike

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