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We live in a Ontario Canada. We have a 40 year old two storey brick home. While cleaning out the natural fireplace I noticed a vertical crack at the back of the fireplace. The area that was cracked was about 2 feet and it consisted of both the brick and mortor. I went outside to check the brick on the outside of the fireplace. In the same gereral area I noticed a virtical crack in the brick and mortor. We only use the fireplace a few times eack year. I imagine I could use a caulk of some type on the exterior but Due to the heat I do not know what to use on the inside. Also I would love to know what may have caused it?

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i too had the same problem, the mortar in the firebox was deteriorating. I went to home depot and purchased a fireplace mortar that comes in a caulking tube. all you do is clean the area, wet it, put on the mortar and then start a small fire to help cure the mortar. that's it. this may be a temporary fix for you though, i would definately get that large of a crack looked at.
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The people in Canada who certify people wanting to work as chimney sweeps is an organization called WETT. They may be able to provide more insight as to how that crack arose in the first place.

I would call a masonary contractor and get his opinion. However, if he has to replace the bricks to repair the crack, why not fill the crack with mortar in the mean time in case the crack gets worse. Ordinary brick mortar you can get at any home center will stand up to the temperatures you find in a fireplace. When I worked at a steel mill, they used special bricks and mortar to line the blast furnaces, but we're talking about a lot higher temperatures. You don't melt iron in your fire place.

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