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Question taping/plastering

I have just finished putting on the 3 coat of mud over a taped joint(Patch) and it now has developed a bubble in the tape. The tape did not adhere the the base coat of mud. How can I fix this? Do I have to remove the old tape and redo/start again?

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If the bubble isnt big, I reckon you could cut it out and refloat that area. If the bubble runs the entire length of the tape, you pull it out and start all over.
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Welcome to the forums Raudi1.

Just cut the small bubbles out with a utility knife and reskim the area, but if it's an entire seam length, you'll have to rip the tape off, sand & start from scratch.

If you're hand taping, have a bucket of fairly clean water handy, measure off & pre-cut your tape for length, coat the joints with mud, & before you put the tape on roll it up & dunk it in the water.

When you run the joints keep even steady pressure on your knife, start in the middle of the tape & work towards the ends. Have fun!
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Awesomedell, what does the water do for the tape?
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Nothing! The reason it bubbled is that there was either not enough mud behind the tape or your mud was to loose. Cut it out and retape the area. Good Luck.

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