Correct method to plaster ceiling


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Question Correct method to plaster ceiling

I'm about to take on a large (for me) project , skimming a ceiling approx 17 ft x 12 ft.

I have tackled smaller jobs before but am concerned about the correct order to do the work given it's such a large area.

Also concerned about being able to complete the whole ceiling in one session - I'm assuming that the initial plaster laid will start setting and require finishing before I get to the end of the ceiling.

I have 2 questions:

1. is there a preferred or best order/approach to the job? do I start at one end and work continuously to the other? should I start in the middle and work to one end of the room then return to the middle and work to the other end? etc etc

2. If the plaster starts setting and requires finishing before I have completed the initial laying can I simply leave a "wet" edge, finish the setting plaster and then return to wet edge to complete the job without problems?

Hope this makes sense, and appreeciate any help you can give me.

thanks in advance

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My advice Pete, unless you're concerned with maintaining the historics of the home, skip the plaster & use joint compound to skim the ceiling, much more user friendly to work with than plaster IMO.

But as I've stated before I'm a drywaller not a plasterer. In my area a plasterman would starve, just not alot of call for it. To best of my knowledge, there's one plaster company within 100 miles of my location & those guys are constantly traveling to keep work going.
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Thanks for your response, it does need to be plaster. I'm happy doing it but wondered about the corrrect order of work. maybe if any plasterers frequent this forum they might give me an idea?

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Pete start at one end and work your way to the other side. Don't mix up to much plaster at one time, becaus ethis is going to be a long process. Mix only what you think you'll need to cover a 2x4 area. Spread it on. then come back with a wet brush and smooth it out, then run back over it with your trowel, to really give it a crisp look. If you can do this with out the rest of the stuff in the bucket setting up, Good, Then figure out how much you can get do and mix what you will need. Not that hard of a project. You can do it. Good Luck

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