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matching patched areas

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04-18-04, 09:31 AM   #1  
matching patched areas

I pulled down fabric off walls and spackled up all the holes from staples, and patched a couple big holes etc and find that when I paint, the spackled areas are a different texture and thus stand out from the rest of the wall (the paint adheres differently and you really notice every spot). HELP!!! How do I get it to have the same texture as the rest of the wall, which is a little bit nubby textured, not a totally smooth wall. The spackled areas are smooth. I am moving next week and need to have it done by then. Thank you!

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04-18-04, 04:37 PM   #2  
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We either need a picture or a better description of your textured wall to give you an idea of how to match it up.

Matching textures is pretty tricky for an diyer, might be better to sand to the whole wall smooth, & then retexture the entire thing at once.

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04-18-04, 06:13 PM   #3  
Most of the time when you do a patch the patch does look smoother than the rest of the wall. A couple of things cause this. Did you put at least 2 coats of paint over the patched areas? What happens is the patch "flashes" if you don't prime it first thus showing more. I think the texture you are speaking of is caused by the nap of the roller. You need to use a big nap roller to match this. At least a 3/4". Keep trying because paint like everything else shrinks a little. Or I could be way off and, as awesomedell has pointed out, you have a textured wall which you will need a pro.

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04-19-04, 09:25 AM   #4  
Thank you all. I only tried one pass of the brush over the patched area, did not prime it (I hate priming!!!) So will run 2 passes of paint over it and if it looks bad, then prime it I suppose or leave it for the new homeowner to fix! I do not have the ability or time to sand down the whole wall (I am just one woman!). I'll try the big nap roller too. Thank you so much for the help.

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04-21-05, 05:29 AM   #5  
Posted By: bnewcol Thank you all. I only tried one pass of the brush over the patched area, did not prime it (I hate priming!!!)
Exactly why do you hate priming?

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04-22-05, 01:32 AM   #6  
If you have enough of the right color paint why not paint the whole wall with the 3/4 nap roller. Much more likely to look good imo. This assumes the texture is only orange peel of course.

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