Looking for small piece of drywall


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Looking for small piece of drywall

Does anyone have any thoughts about where I might get just a small piece of drywall.....about a 10x10 inch piece. I got some excellent directions for patching a hole in the drywall in my bedroom, but I sure don't want to buy a 4x8 foot piece of drywall just for this small repair. I've asked around if the people I know have any and they don't. I've even thought about driving around the areas in town where houses are being built and asking for a scrap.
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If you can find some scrap do that. At home depot they sell 1/2 and 1/4 sheets of drywall. They cut up the damaged pieces. Ask them about it.
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Look for anyplace where they are doing new housing development. In my development there are dumpsters in front of every house being built for trash. You'd be surprised how much drywall they throw out!
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Damaged Sheetrock

Recently, when shopping at Home Depot, they were offering damaged sheets of 1/2 inch for $1.00. Can't beat that!

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