First Time Drywaller


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First Time Drywaller

My new 20' X 24' building will soon be a woodshop. I have sheetrocked the inside, taped, mudded and sanded. I am wondering if I am ready to paint or should I give it a bit more attention?

There are a few places where I sanded to the tape and made a fuzzy, in each case no more than 2" long. If I am not looking for perfection, should I go ahead and paint or do you think I need to go over fuzzies with more mud and sand again.

Painting plan is to prime (latex) and follow with semi-gloss or satin finish coat (white). Perhaps I should prime over a fuzzy to see what it looks like? Your thoughts?
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You said it before I could. I would prime it, let dry, and see how it looks. At that point you can repair anything you don't like.
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Where is the fuzzy tape? In the corners would be Ok. But not on a band or butt joint. Put your knife on (or other straight edge) and see if it is flat or rockes back and forth. May need some more work. I would recommend against satin or semi gloss finish. It will show every imperfection.

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