Taping small corners


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Taping small corners


I have an inside corner that is physically located next to a door in a hallway. One side of the corner is on a longer wall but the other side of the corner is next to the door and is only about 2 inches in length. I don't see how I will tape the corner since there is almost no room to feather out the mud between the door and the corner. There may not even be enough room for the tape to sit on the side close to the door. I'm in need of suggestions on how I might finish this corner.


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Just worry about getting the tape bonded to the board, with enough mud behind it, but not too much. Let it dry knock the high stuff and put enough mud to cover the tape. Places like that are always a pain, just have to use a narrow putty knife or whatever fits. Good luck.!
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You could caulk it.

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