drywall anchors


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drywall anchors

I just moved into a house and there are lots of drywall anchors installed in the walls, how do I remove these without causing too much damage and what is the best way to patch things up so I can paint? Thank you for your help.
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What kind of anchors do you have? Are they plastic or metal? The plastic ones I usually press them back into the wall with a screwdriver, if a toggle bolt type anchor was used, you can just screw out the bolt & leave the toggle inside the wall.

You can either use vinyl spackling or some lite joint compound to patch the holes as long as they are small. The spackling can just be pressed into the hole with your thumb & smoothed out over a small hole. Now if the hole is too large, say more than 3/8" in diameter, I would actually put a small piece of drywall joint tape over that & then skim out the spot with a blade. Whichever method you use, the area should have a coat of primer applied prior to finish paint.

There are how-to tutorials on patching drywall available here on the site. This will give you the basics, post back if you still have questions. Good luck & here's the link.
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I would use the lightweight pactching compound that is like thick whipped cream. I don't think there is a drywall anchor hole that it will not fix. It dries fast doesn't sag and won't fall out. You may need to apply 2 or 3 times with a small spackle blade to make sure it is jout above the surface before you sand and prime. This method will produce a virtually invisable repair if done with just a little care. I always use the handle of a screwdriver to indent the hole just a little so that any paper is below the surface. When applying the material put it on vertically and wipe it horozontily. Wipe away any exess that is around the hole with a moist sponge

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